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4294 WLBP: Press B Less

This herbal combination has been used for centuries to work with the body to counteract hypertension, reduce stress and tension. Garli-Eze` has a high allicin content of buffered garlic equal to a whole garlic clove per serving. Each tablet contains: Hawthorne leaf and flower standardized extract, Garli-Eze`, olive leaf standarized extract, celery seed extract, reishi mushroom, parsley leaf extract, dandelion leaf, hawthorne berry extract, valerian root standardized extract, passion flower extract, tomato powder, lycopene, yarrow flower, Wachters Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation®, Forslean, cayenne pepper and chlorophyll.
Size: 90 tab

Product Code: 4294

Manufacturer: Wachters' Organic Sea Products


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