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Ann (A) and Bruce (B) Chenoweth, the creators of ABCompany, have been providing natural health information, products and services to people for over 30 years. Blessed to fall under the tutilige of Dr. Regan Golob and many other natural health Master-Teachers and Practitioners, they have passed what they have learned forward to as many others as possible through one-on-one conversations, classes, public speaking, teleconferences, audio recordings and videos. Bruce has been prolific at web design, including the "Perfect Health: NATURALLY!" site at http://ph-n.com, and both Ann and Bruce have published hundreds of blog posts and several videos with the single purpose of helping people understand how to be extraordinarily healthy merely by understanding and applying natural health principles.

Dr Regan Golob began his relationship with Ann and Bruce as their family doctor. This quickly expanded to mentoring, and has since blossomed into a close friendship and part-time business relationship. Dr. Golob frequently travels all across the United States and a few other countries demonstrating to people how to be extraordinarily healthy.

Nancy Gledhill, CNTP, is a long-time friend, nutritional therapy practitioner and organic master gardener. Nancy can be seen in the western Idaho, eastern Oregon area

Shantelle Perza Nay, CMT, another long-time friend, provides incredible theraputic massage and aromatherapy. Shantelle can be seen in western Idaho, eastern Oregon and parts of Washington state.



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